Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1st day in the Classroom!


Today was my first day of my field experience in the classroom. For my Education 304 class, we are required to have a total of 40 hours of classroom experience over the course of the semester. Some of our goals for our classroom experience include observations, clerical work (correcting papers for the teachers), one on one tutoring, and small group work. I was pretty excited to head over to Cathedral Elementary this morning...despite the fact it was at 8am!!

Upon arrival, Mrs. Hogenson was a bit unprepared, but I couldn't blame her as soon as I observed her class for about 5 minutes. I believe her exact words were "I have quite the crew this year!" With my first observations I realized that their are about 4 students that I was wondering whether or not they were special education. About 15 minutes into the class another teacher walked in and sat down. The entire class worked on some bible study work in a circle and this other teacher was just writing things down. When she left and the bible study was over, Mrs. Hogenson proceeded to tell me that she was working on 3 special education referrals. I guessed right! Not too shabby for my first day. She went on to tell me that they don't have the finances for special education. Therefore, if those students do indeed qualify for special education they will have to transfer to another public school. That is one of the biggest downfalls of private education for sure.

My time flew by in the classroom today! For the last half hour I helped to create some flip books for tomorrow's activities. Not the most fun work, but I am helping a teacher with a crazy class, so it was no big deal! I assume I will be doing a little bit of that everyday, which is no problem for me at all.

After my field experience time was complete I had a few hours off before my weekly visit to St. Charles. I am currently a mentor for a young Latina girl named Maria at St. Charles Elementary School. I mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Winona. I started this mentoring through a class I had last semester. The class was called Latino and Latin American Perspectives! It was by far my favorite class of my college experience thus far. I have a required blog for that mentoring program. Please take a look. It gives a pretty great overview of the time I spend with Maria each Wednesday.

Other than my field experience and mentoring today, I didn't do much. I completed some homework and had a relaxing day. My math class was canceled for the day, but I do have a test in that class on Friday. I really should start studying for that!!


  1. Lu-- sounds exciting! Here in SSP if Holy Trinity or SJV have Sped issues they can still go to their school but come to the public school for services and then go back to their school---clear as mud!

  2. Hi, Laura. Your writing style sounds just like your mom's! In St. Paul Special Ed kids at private schools get service from itinerant Special Ed teachers. So the kids gets to stay put.

  3. ohh.. I just assumed they would have to transfer!! thanks for the info!! :)


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