Monday, February 23, 2009

Another day in the classroom...

Well, for some reason I found it reallllllllly hard to get out of bed this morning. I was so so so so tired from the lack of sleep I got this weekend. I managed to get to Field Experience in time, which was a great thing because I had a great day at Cathedral.

Today I started off by doing some correcting for Mrs. Hogenson, I am getting used to that being the routine. After that, I got a chance to help some of the students with basic division. I actually got to apply something I learned in class again. My education is actually worth the 14,000 dollars I pay a year... ok well maybe not worth that much, but its paying off! haha I also got a chance to help out with a really fun worksheet/activity with the kids. They had to think of different lettered items from different stores. (ie clothing store, grocery, sports... etc) It was really funny to see the kids get competitive!

I totally skipped out on tutoring today, I needed a nap. I found a substitute, so I wasn't totally abandoning my duties, even though they are never really short handed at homework club.

Like every other Monday, I headed out to Belleview Community Center at around 345. That place truly gives me a headache, and its really only getting worse. Like I have said early, the structure is very lacking and the person that is in charge leaves half an hour after we start! Its terrible, but I have to do it for my diversity education class. I want to teach in a disadvantaged neighborhood, but this is really turning me off to the idea. I know that in the classroom I will be the authority figure and be able to take charge, but this place is ridiculous. We actually had a mom of one of the kids come in today and literally yell at another girl for making her daughter cry. It was very very immature and unnecessary. Nothing really happened, and this mom didnt even bother to come to talk to us about the situation at all. She made 3 girls cry. I was feeling very overwhelmed with the situation. I could do absolutely nothing about either.
Not to mention, we have 9 volunteers to about 10 kids in a room thats about twice the size of a single dorm room. Terrible set up, and a horrible program. I just have to stick it out for class, but if it weren't for that, I would be out of there!

After that terrible experience I was done for the day. THANK GOD! I got a good workout in and hung out with a friend and watched tv. Very relaxing night. Its about time for me to watch Home Improvement and go to bed! My typical routine! haha

Hope everyone had a fabulous monday!

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The Beautiful Winona State University

The Beautiful Winona State University
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