Thursday, February 12, 2009

Class class and more class

Tuesdays and Thursdays are pretty stressful for say the least.

Starting bright and early at 930 am I have Art with one wacky teacher. He never stops talking. The entire 3 hours of class, he talks. Even during movies. I might go crazy. But its a required class. So I will deal with it! haha

When I am done with that class I get a nice lunch break and then I head off to diversity in the classroom. Well thats my self-title for that class. I can't remember the real name. My bad. Its quite an interesting class. I got singled out today in class, and not for a good reason. I was pretty embarrassed. I will live

From 330 until 7 I am in my educational sequence classes. Not exactly the most exciting, but I have to make it through them. From what I hear, the first semester in the program is the hardest to get through! Hopefully that statement it true.

I found out when I was heading back to the dorms that I get my RA notification tomorrow morning. I applied to be a Resident Assistant for next year, and I am super nervous. I have come to the conclusion that next year will be good regardless of what that letter says tomorrow. I signed up today to live in a quad suite with four of my friends that I have made down here. So either way, I will have a good year next year!

Got a chance to watch Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice Crossover too! I am obsessed, but now I need to study for my Math Education test tomorrow! WISH ME LUCK!

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The Beautiful Winona State University

The Beautiful Winona State University
One of the places I miss the most, WSU. GO WARRIORS!