Friday, February 27, 2009


Like I said in my last blog, I had a huge test yesterday. Bad news, the teacher put absolutely EVERYTHING on the test that he possibly could. On tuesday, he gave us 5 main points to study for the test, so I assumed that is what I would need to study. Turns out, he meant that those are just the things you should study the most. We have had a CRAZY amount of readings in this class. About 100 pages a week. No possible way that I can retain all of that information. Especially since I have 4 other classes to read and study for. I get the test and I knew some of the answers, but there were a lot that I didn't have a clue on. Worst of all, we watched a movie in class and he had 2 essay questions about it on the test. He didn't even mention studying about the movie on Tuesday, which really makes me angry. Thats 20 points on the test. I sort of had an idea as to what to write, but not really.

Well it wasn't just me who thought this about the test, so it feels a little better. Not much though... Funny story though, we were mid-test and it starts thunder-snowing. Our entire class started laughing. This happened about 5 or 6 times throughout the test, it was crazy! All of this snow meant lots of school delays and cancellations. Cathedral was among those delayed schools, which means no Field Experience for me today. Now, it is totally fine with me not having to get up bright and early every once and a while, but this is the second time this week. It was ash Wednesday this past Wed, so I got let go early because of the Mass Service. This week I spent a total of 2 hours and 20 minutes in the classroom. I hope that the people here at WSU understand my situation when I don't reach the full 40 hours by the end of the semester. My schedule is swamped enough as it is, no extra time for make-up hours over there. I would love to head over there more often then I do, but unless they start having night school starting at 530 at night, no way is that happening!

But IT IS SPRING BREAK IN A FEW SHORT HOURS! so much relaxation in one week. I get to see my friends and family from home, and I couldn't be happier. I have to admit, I miss my puppies more than anything though! I also get to go and support my community college girls basketball team at the State Tournament on Saturday! I honestly miss competitive basketball sooooo much, but at the same time, I am incredibly happy to be done and moving on with my life! Basketball was great, but so time consuming and it killed my body! Anyway, one class left, then time to clean and pack then my dad will be here around 530 to come and pick me up!

YAYAYAYYAYAYAYAY! not sure if I will be writing in the next week!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and week next week!

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The Beautiful Winona State University

The Beautiful Winona State University
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