Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This week so far....

This week has been nothing out of the ordinary so far...

Maniac Mondays....Its like I am on the go from sun up to sun down

One nice thing about Monday's is that I get to sleep in. Well, if sleeping in is waking up at 9:30 am, then I got to sleep in. I only have one class on Monday's which is great. Its Math for Elementary School Teachers. So far the class is pretty basic, but some of the concepts require a lot more thinking then I thought I would be doing in this class.

After class I actually get a lunch break. That is always nice. Then at about 2 I head over to Cathedral Elementary to tutor at the "Homework Club." I actually have had an amazing experience with this program so far. This volunteer work is exactly that, volunteer work. I do it for my own good. Its basically the only work I do for fun. I help about 7 kids with their homework after they get done with school. These kids are absolutely hilarious. They are cracking jokes constantly and making me laugh for all sorts of reasons. Having this much fun helping kids with homework reminds me why I want to be an educator. I found out today that 3 of the kids I tutor are in the classroom that I will be doing my practicum in. This is pretty exciting, I really like these kids. Recap of what I helped out with: Division, Weather, and Word searches.

When I am done with tutoring, I pretty much rush to get picked up by my friend Jill to head to Belleview Community Center on the east side of winona to volunteer. This program is not as much fun for me. This program is pretty much organized chaos. That is putting it nicely. Their is a huge age variety so its really tough to get all kids on the same page. This program is more about giving the kids a place to hang out after school and keeping them out of trouble. I find myself having to keep the kids from arguing and fighting more often then not, but I guess its better then them being in trouble with higher authority figures. I actually got to work with one little boy who was very cute. Together we put together the same puzzle three times. It was about the only thing that would keep him from crying, so I just went along with it. After he ran off to do something else, I wasn't really that involved. It's my goal to be more motivated in weeks to come. After I am done at Belleview, I am done for the day. Time to relax. I wish, more like time for homework in the 18 credits that I am currently enrolled in.

Tuesday tuesday Tuesday...

Tuesday's and Thursday's are my busiest as far as school goes. I have 4 of my 5 classes on these days. I have all three of my educational sequence classes right in a row as well as my Art class. I don't really get a break, so its a little overwhelming and I am pretty tired on these days. Today I decided to be productive and head to the library with my friend after my last class and I actually got a lot done. I have a lot of homework still, despite being in the library for 2 hours. It probably doesn't help that I spent a lot of time trying to understand one of my assignments instead of doing it. haha! It will get done... It always does.

When I got back from the lib I decided just to have some relaxation time, well until I decided to make this blog. Well, anything is better than schoolwork at this point!


  1. An idea for your Bellview experience... how about pairing the kids up and playing a getting to know you game... or having the bigger ones read to the little ones...I will keep thinking!

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.....the memories. I went to WSU too. I was there from 92-96 and double majored in Special Ed and elementary Ed. I loved it!!!! I used to teach CCD classes at Cathedral Elementary on Wednesday nights.......

    Best of luck to you....and I'll keep checking in! :)


The Beautiful Winona State University

The Beautiful Winona State University
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