Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another week in Winona...

This week is flying by pretty fast! This excites me! Maybe all of the weeks will go this fast!! However, if its going to fly by this fast, I need to get to work on all my end of the semester projects and whatnot! haha

Tuesday was just another day full of class, nothing new in that at all. I still feel like my diversity in education is CRAZY and he is now even more crazy. He gave us a chapter to break down and analyze for the rest of the class. Now this would be fine if he gave us a week to put a 30 minute presentation together for, but he gave us from Tuesday until today! what a pain. My group got it done, but its nothing too special...hopefully its up to his high standards!! My 304 and 311 classes still remain as easy as can be, and let me tell you, IM NOT COMPLAINING!

Wednesday was another fun filled day in the classroom at Cathedral. I did a lot of work in the classroom on Wed. I had to cut out strips of paper for the St. Patrick’s day project this class is doing, and I had to cut out a bunch of shapes for the upcoming geometry unit! oh joy! By the time I was done with that, it was time to leave. And then comes ST. CHARLES!!

St. Charles was quite the adventure yesterday. Maria has a pretty big geometry test coming up and when I went up to the classroom to pick her up, her teacher mentioned how much she needed to study. She didn't want to study at first, but we made it a fun little game out of studying, and she ended up having fun with it. And she now knows many of the terms that she did not know to begin with! I am pretty proud of her. She really struggles in school, but with the one on one time, she does an amazing job!

I am going home again this weekend because my dad and I are going to the National basketball tournament in Rochester on Friday. I feel like I am not spending very much time in Winona lately, but I will survive. Haha

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The Beautiful Winona State University

The Beautiful Winona State University
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