Monday, March 9, 2009

First day back from SPRING BREAK!

Well spring break was relaxing, that's for sure! I got to spend lots of time with the family and friends, just chilling at home. Its always nice to have a break from the crazy college life, and I sure needed it.

Today, I had a really hard time waking up for field experience. I was very very excited to get rolling again with the semester. I arrived at Cathedral right on time, and I had lots of work to do. I corrected work for most of the time that I was there, which was actually nice, because I was pretty tired, so I don't think that I would have been to great working directly worth the kids. I did help to correct one worksheet with the students, which was funny, because they know their facts, but correcting is another story. haha

After field experience, I headed to Math education where we pretty much reviewed what we covered last friday. I didn't have a problem with this, I pretty much zoned out and didn't even take notes. I know that I didn't miss much.

When I was done with class, it was time for tutoring. Well, I had an hour break, but I spent that taking a power nap for 45 minutes. It's going to be a struggle to get back into my school sleeping schedule. Tutoring went really well today, the kids didn't really need much help with their homework, so I pretty much just observed and asked questions. After tutoring, I headed straight to Belleview for another interesting day.

Actually, Belleview was really nothing too bad today. My friend Jill and I spent most of the time constructing puzzles with different kids. There was chaos in the background, but we decided that ignoring it was the best idea. They don't listen to any of us anyways. The kids seem to be naturally loud, and we are not supposed to be authority figures, so there is no point in trying to be one. The kids seem to have fun, and thats what they are there for. They need a place to hang out, because many of their home situations are not the best.

Belleview actually went by pretty fast today, and when I got back to my room, I pretty much just worked out and ate, and now I am doing some homework! Not too bad.

Pretty good first day back!!
Happy Monday! :)

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  1. Sounds like a busy kid filled day! Have a nice day!


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The Beautiful Winona State University
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