Friday, April 17, 2009


Everything is going so well right now! :)

Today was my last day in my field experience classroom. It was pretty sad. A bunch of the students gave me hugs and said that I have to visit. I probably will have to do that. That isn't even the best part. All of the students made me goodbye cards! They were the CUTEST things I have ever seen. I am going to keep them and look at them whenever I am sad for sure! Mrs. Hogenson also gave me my review today and it was very flattering to say the least. She had a lot of good things to say, and it made me even more excited to become a teacher very very soon!

My classes are going pretty well. I have always been a horrible test taker and my tests this past week have proven that, but my final grades are not really suffering because of these test scores. I am pretty thankful for that.

I am really looking forward to this semester being over. I loved my field experience and tutoring, but my classes are very demanding and I really need a break from it! Summer is going to be here very very soon! I registered for my classes on Monday and I had no trouble getting into any of them. I have so many credits from Community College that I get the opportunity to register on the first day! AWESOME is all I can say!

I made my "plan" for the rest of my education here @ Winona, and it turns out I will be done after May Term next year, and then I will student teach the following fall! SO SO SO EXCITING! I cannot wait to be a teacher!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday and a great weekend! :)

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The Beautiful Winona State University

The Beautiful Winona State University
One of the places I miss the most, WSU. GO WARRIORS!