Monday, April 13, 2009

Haven't blogged in a while...

Well it has been a while since I blogged last... I have just been totally swamped with everything going on!!

As of today, I only have one more day as a teaching assistant in Mrs. Hogenson's class. I am actually pretty sad about this, because I have gotten to know the kids so well, and they really do brighten up my day. :( I have had a great experience though, and I am very thankful for that! This first field experience is supposed to help us to determine whether or not we want to be a teacher, and it has proven to me that Teaching is totally the right job for me! YAY!

Today in Mrs. H's class we made Easter Lilies! They were made out of traced hands and construction paper! I will probably post a picture of the vase that we created out of construction paper with all of the lilies in it. I got to make one myself too! I am such a dork, I love little art projects like that.

Some news about my Belleview mentoring. There were a lot of issues with the kids that were coming to the community center. Kids were swearing, running around, and not doing anything they were asked, so the director thought it was best to only have the room open once per week. I would have gladly gone, but the room will only be open on Wednesdays, which happens to be my busiest day of the week! I guess I am done with that for the year.

Last week was a great time in St. Charles as well. The weather was finally Beautiful outside, so Maria and I got a chance to spend some time outside. We pretty much just hung out, not too eventful. I think that sometimes those are the best days!

I am busy working on my Action plan for my diversity in education class. It is due in about 2 weeks and I have 3 of my 5 sources complete! I have an idea for my final two sources. It is just a matter of sitting down and doing it! HAHA (EASIER SAID THEN DONE, THATS FOR SURE!)

I am spending a lot of time in the library, but I am here to learn and get good grades, so no complaining here! I had a wonderful Easter weekend with the family. Nothing that fancy, but it is always good to spend some time at home. I won't be spending much time at home this summer, so I have to bond with my sister and family while I can

Hope everyone is having a fabulous monday! :)

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The Beautiful Winona State University

The Beautiful Winona State University
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