Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Title, New Ideas, New Reasons

this blog originally started as a blog to go along with my teacher education training... that is changing because SURPRISE! I am done with that! I am now a licensed elementary and middle school Language Arts teacher! :) :)

I have made some changes to the design of the blog...mainly because the old one was BORING! As you can see, the background is super busy, and the text fonts, sizes, and colors are completely random and busy! I did this because life as a new educator are random and busy! It is a constant scramble to have everything ready, but it usually turns out just fine!

Considering I just started blogging again, I haven't gotten the chance to blog about my first Long Term Substitute position as a 7th grade English Teacher at RMS (no full names, sorry):

I was the full time 7th grade English teacher at RMS while the regular classroom teacher took her maternity leave. I was LUCKY enough to experience the beginning of the year scramble to get everything ready. I was actually hired 4 days before teacher workshops. This was exciting, and nerve-wracking, but everything turned out just fine
At RMS, I met so many amazing teachers! I miss them all already! It is funny how much of a bond is formed, even though I was only there for 10 weeks. The routines, chats, and funny student stories are something that I miss already. I loved my lunch as well! So unrelated to education, which made it an awesome break from the day.
As for the actual classroom, it was a constant struggle because the other 7th grade English teacher was a bit of a basket case. Bless her heart, she does a nice job in the classroom, but I could have used a little more support in coming up with activities, considering I was given pretty much no prep time and no back-up from the teacher I was subbing for.
Overall, it was an awesome experience, I bonded with the students, as always, and learned a lot about being in a classroom on my own. I have to admit, I came up with my lesson plans on the fly most of the time, and I was always behind on my copying. (oops, the copy lady was awesome though)!
RMS was a school with not-so-much technology, which was a giant shift from the school I student taught at. No smartboards, very few computer labs, and a projector that rarely worked with no speakers. I made the best of it, but I can say integrating technology can be very helpful in the classroom! Especially for a random person who likes to show videos, like me! :)

I was observed once and was told they would LOVE to hire me back and told me to keep my eyes open in the district. I have an awesome letter of rec from the assistant principal... such a cool guy! :)

Well that was a giant ramble...

On to my newest experience:

As soon as I finished up at RMS, actually before, I started to apply for new positions. Like the first time I started applying for jobs, I applied EVERYWHERE for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. There were a lot more postings than I thought there would be, which helped me to be very optimistic.

One Tuesday morning, I got a call from a school much closer to home than RMS (which was an hour drive everyday UFFDA! Gas prices suck, btw). They needed a long-term substitute (LTS) for a 5th grade gifted and talented classroom. This job was to be in the same district, city, and grade that I student taught in. I didn't, however, teach in a GT (gifted and talented) classroom. I have 0 experience with GT students. Yes, I had a few here and there, but having a full classroom of them seemed a bit intimidating. The interview was set for Thursday at 9am. I prepared myself as best I could, and went for it.

The next day... I got a call from another school. They wanted to interview me to be a reading intervention teacher at their middle school. This is the complete opposite of GT. This is an opportunity to pull students out of class and help them become better readers. I felt a little more prepared for this interview, seeing as I was a middle school English teacher at RMS with several clusters of very low readers. I did a lot of intervening at RMS, so I felt prepared for this interview. This interview was set for Thursday at 2:30 pm.

YES, 2 interviews in one about overwhelming.

I went to both interviews, both were a blur and I felt like I rambled through them both.

I must be a good rambler because I on Friday afternoon I was offered the position at the Middle School. I accepted immediately, not being very optimistic about the GT classroom because I had no experience. Wednesday of the next week rolled around, and I got offered the position at the elementary school. I was thrilled to be offered both positions, but I obviously turned the elementary position down. The principal at the elementary school completely understood, and congratulated me. I decided to send her a thank-you note, just to keep my name out there. :)

I am very very very excited to start at the Middle School, CWMS, on Monday November 28. I get to spend time preparing and getting my groups ready to pull out of class in the first week and in the second week, I start teaching students! I am totally stoked.

As you can see, this post covered a lot, and was rather random. Much like the background and design of the blog! :)

Thanks for reading and have a Wonderful Wednesday and amazing THANKSGIVING! :)


  1. You know Bad Teacher showed a lot of movies... Lol I am so proud of you! Congrats love ya

    Mandy (your cousin)

  2. Haha, I don't show movies.... Just video clips! :)


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