Monday, November 28, 2011

You are now entering...a no door classroom... What happens if I'm too loud!?

Just a few pictures of my new classroom. I am a little nervous about the "open door" classroom. I am really loud when I teach! Good thing there aren't many classrooms very close to mine! It is kind of nice being a long term substitute.... I get to steal ideas from other teachers!
Today was an interesting day... Sat around looking at curriculum. When I was finally able to meet with the principal, I found out I wouldn't even be using this curriculum and that I would be coming up with my own ideas.
This could be an interesting challenge. I am a teacher who loves to make real-world connections, and now I can use newspaper articles and other current events as the basis to my instruction. It has the potential to really help kiddos on the MCA and MAP tests because they are absolutely FILLED with newspaper type articles!
I have a lot to plan and get ready for in the next four days...
The principal is trying to decide if I am going to have my own classes or if I am going to be a "pull-out" teacher. We really need to figure this out before I start planning because if I have my own classes, I will have 42 minute sessions, but if I pull kids out, I will only have 20. I can work with either, but it is kind of a big part of planning! We will see. I met a few of the Language A (fancy IB term for English) teachers today, and they are excited to help me out. I love collaborating, so this could be fun. It also has the potential to give me tons of ideas for my own future guided reading and intervention groups!
I am excited to use different resources to help these kiddos get back on track with their reading abilities. I get to observe in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Language A classrooms tomorrow to see what types of learners I will be working with starting next week! As far as I know, the student population is very diverse, but that makes finding relevant and high-interest articles even more fun because there are so many types of kiddos! (I love that I call them kiddos and some of them will be 15).
Anxious to get the ball rolling, except for this thing they call a PC they gave me for a computer. I'm such a MAC girl... I guess I will find a way to deal! ;)

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The Beautiful Winona State University
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