Monday, June 4, 2012

New Job, New Place, New Beginning

 1 year of teaching experience down... the rest of my life to go.  

I've had 3 long-term substitute jobs in my first year and 2 months of being a regular substitute.  READY FOR SOMETHING NEW! 

April 23rd came around... and it was time for the MNSCU (Minnesota State Colleges and  Universities) Job Fair.  I had 30 resumes and 30 basic cover letters to hand out to many different districts. 

I arrived at the convention center and was immediately overwhelmed.  The convention center is huge, and every corner of that place was covered with booths for school districts all around the country.  I had a few places in mind that I REALLY wanted to give my resume, so I tackled those first.  Twin Cities metro schools for the most part, and places where I have friends or teaching connections.  That took care of my first 25 minutes. 
I stood in lines, sometimes for  15 minutes,  for a district rep to take my resume and listen to my little speech about me.  Meanwhile, they are looking over my shoulder at how long the line… I’m sure they were thinking “When’s Lunch?!”  I know I would be! I joked with a friend saying they all have shredders behind those tables where they were putting out resumes. 
I decided to wander over to the out-of-state row of district booths.  I started looking at NC, SC, Ohio, and a few more when I stumbled upon a few places in Arizona.  I have an aunt and uncle who reside in Arizona for about 7 months of the year, so I thought, why not? 
I waited for the district rep to finish up with the person she was talking to and I walked up and introduced myself. I handed her my resume and she immediately saw the coaching category.  She asked me what sports I coached, and as I told her, she looked back at my prior teaching experience.  About 30 seconds later, she asked if I wanted an interview… UM DUH?! 
10 minutes later I was in the back room getting an interview with the Principal of a K-8 school in Arizona…. I’ll call the school MR K-8.  She asked me the typical questions:
                How will you keep parents involved?
                Classroom management strategies
                Are you sure you want to move?

She kept glancing at her watch throughout the interview… She said it was because she had another interview scheduled shortly after… I began to lose some hope and then…

She asked if I wanted a job!?   I didn’t even know what to say!  Okay, I did, but I all I did say was SERIOUSLY?!?! 

I took the next half an hour to call my mom to tell her about my opportunity.  She was nothing but ecstatic for me.  Then, I called a few friends and they were all stoked for me as well.  I had a lot to think about, but I was pretty sure that I was going to accept the job.  I went down and got my letter of intent to hire to be signed and faxed to MR. 
About 10 minutes after that, I got a call from the superintendent of the district. We chatted and he asked:  “You do realize it is HOTT down here right?”  My immediate response was, “I want a job, and I love to coach” We went on to discussing my opportunities to coach softball, FABULOUS! 

I spent the rest of the job fair looking at districts, secretly knowing to myself that I was moving to Arizona!  I never thought I would be so excited to move away from my family and into a new environment! 

3 days later, I accepted the job and all the paperwork started piling in.  I had to sign a contract, find an apartment, find a roommate, and figure out a way to get everything I needed before I have to leave!  That is a lot of stuff, considering I live with my parents!

I found a roommate (a fellow Minnesota teacher moving to AZ), and an apartment (17 minutes from where I will be teaching… and they have a TARGET, I’m set) rather quickly.  I love having the capabilities to search apartments online and know exactly what I am getting myself into.  We found a place with a pool and full gym that is a gated community!  It is relatively cheap… actually WAY CHEAPER than MN! 

I leave on June 23rd.  I will be making the 1600 mile trip with my beauty of a car (which no longer shakes! J) and my dad following me in a cargo van.  My roommate, B, will be traveling down behind us as well!  I didn’t want her making a 1600 mile journey alone!  That would be scary.  My dad is a pretty amazing person being that he is willing to drive this far to help me move!  I knew he was a rockstar! 

My mom has been helping to get my butt in gear, which I need to do.  19 days from now, I will be packing up my life and moving to Arizona!  Right in the dead of summer!

I’ve been told that if I can survive the first summer, I will learn to love the weather!  Here’s to hoping! 

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The Beautiful Winona State University
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