Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer School Adventures

2 hours a day, 4 days a week, 3 weeks... getting middle school students caught up and moved to the next level of Language A. (English, Language Arts)

I'm squeezing a lot into these 3 weeks.

First off, these kids need structure, and I'm giving it to them.  Every class starts with 20 minutes of SSR.  The only way to get better at reading is reading... RIGHT?

I am always looking at new ways to encourage positive reading techniques and strategies... one of my all time favorites is taking a difficult literature task and applying it children's picture books.  Students LOVE reading them it breaks literature elements down into easier to understand terms.

Finding the climax of:
  is a lot easier than finding it in   

I really enjoy watching my students move from the picture books, to short stories, and eventually to books with things like the plot mountain, setting and conflict. Especially with students who struggled with these concepts during the regular school year, it really helps to break things down.

I've also been focusing on a great summary!  Along with the daily reading, they will summarize what they read. Before they can summarize, however, they need to write out the who, what, where, when, and why (why= what do you think will happen next, I had to cheat).  They then have to include these right in the summary.  It REALLY HELPS!  

This group of students is a big behavior struggle for me... however...

With middle school students, I am finding that making them laugh (with and AT ME) is the best bet.  It gets me on their good side.  I read them a book today called "ITS A BOOK."  Just a simple picture book about the difference between reading an ACTUAL BOOK and all of the technology of today.  It does have one "swear word" in it, so it isn't for the younger ones, but my middle schoolers loved it.  Here is the animated version: "ITS A BOOK,"  it doesn't have the swear word in it! 

We will continue to work on the basics throughout the week and I will continue to use Pinterest  to come up with new ideas as I plan for my new school year in Arizona! :) :)

Speaking of which... the countdown is on!  11 days until the big move.  I feel like I'm ready, but I know I will freak out right before!


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The Beautiful Winona State University
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