Thursday, July 12, 2012

Crazy Venture to the Desert Southwest! (Delayed!)

Well, I'm here... Queen Creek, Arizona! It was a lofty journey, but I am here and happy! It all started one fine Saturday morning... Everything was packed and I left this room behind!

I followed the big white van carrying my belongings and we were on our way (we being my dad and me!) We were headed south first, then west, then south again!

 First came the boringness of Iowa, followed by Nebraska, and then the gorgeous Colorado came into view!
All seemed to be going well, but then we left Colorado Springs (pre ridiculous fires, THANK GOODNESS)! It started getting pretty hott and my car wasn't built for that. The 153,000 miles didn't help! My car overheated and completely stopped! I was able to get it up to the exit, but this was the end result!

At least I got the license plate to hang in my classroom :)

After we got the car towed to a nearby salvage place, we packed everything into the big white van, I hopped in, abs we were on our way! Losing a car sucked, but the car had been a money sucker in the past 2 years... No windows, sunroof, doors didn't shut, tires needed replacing, etc.

On to New Mexico!! The official Desert Southwest! Man was it gorgeous! From the passenger seat, I was able to take a lot more photos! It is such a beautiful landscape. Comparing the desert to Minnesota is like apples to oranges! They both have their beauty in their own way.
We made stops in Santa Fe and Albuquerque to do some sight seeing! Santa Fe is such a cool city! All of the buildings are what I call "Wild West" style, like this Walgreens!

In Albuquerque, we were able to eat at a really fun brewery, called Kelly's, and see a little glimpse if The University of New Mexico! Dad loved the restaurant because it was an old service station that had been renovated. Good food, too!
We were finally in our last stretch! On to Arizona! We were refueled and ready to go! We drove and drove and drove and finally saw the state line for ARIZONA!! We did end up stopping at a McDonald's parking lot to get some sleep, we both crashed after a short stretch break!

2 hours later, we started driving again. I'm never listening to google directions again because they took us right through the mountains when it could have been avoided! In daylight, it would have been fine, but it was pitch black, hilly (mountainy?) and supposedly full of elk (we only saw one, but it was said to be the largest elk crossing in the country). To say the least it was a scary few hours. Then, the sun started to rise! I took the wheel for the last 25 miles or so because pops was exhausted! Sunrise in the mountains was one of the most magnificent things I have ever seen! All the colors were amazing! We tried to capture it on our dinky camera phones, but the pictures do not do it justice!

We stopped just before Mesa, which borders Queen Creek, at a river park overlooking the mountains!

We headed down the hill and into Mesa and Queen Creek! It is such a new and developing area! So many new houses
And stores! A perfect place for a young teacher!

We had to wait a few hours to check into my apartment, so we ate at a delicious Mexican Restaurant near my new place. Then, we did some running around for a cashiers check. Finally, we saw my apartment! I was so excited because the pictures on the website represent it perfectly!

I love my new place and the weather here! It is true what they say... It's a DRY HEAT! It has been 110 every day, but has that stopped me from being by the pool daily, not a chance! I will post more pictures of my actual apartment soon... When it is more finished!

Next came a car, which was an adventure all in itself! It took a few hours and some bargaining, but I ended up with a 2012 Toyota Corolla Sport! Talk about awesome! I will be paying for it, but it is perfect! I feel so much safer with a new and reliable car!

I'm getting a little anxious to start training for my new gig as a 7th grade teacher at MR, but I'm ok with relaxing a bit!

Loving the desert so far! Haven't seen any scorpions or snakes yet! I've only gotten lost 27 times in the past few days, but sense of direction on the crazy roads of Arizona will come with time!

I know this blog is a long time coming, but I finally have my computer and am sitting in a balanced math seminar as a 7th grade English teacher.... Wishing I was sitting by my pool!


  1. I miss you! I am crying but so happy for you! You sound great and pics are wonderful! You go girl! Kick some middle school butt!

  2. Some lady was trying to scare me today about teaching middle school... not going to happen!

  3. Fun adventure! thanks for sharing with us. So you actually live in Queen Creek and not Florence?

  4. If Queen Creek is the middle of nowhere... Florence is a different planet and my school is a different galaxy! :) I have a 25 minute drive everyday. Not too shabby.


The Beautiful Winona State University

The Beautiful Winona State University
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