Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gearing UP UP UP!

As any teacher would admit, trying to prepare for school after a significant (3 weeks) amount of time off is extremely difficult! I've been in  Minnesota, enjoying the cold outside and the warmth of my family for a while now!

I was very proactive and have everything ready for next week!

I'm excited to be able to dive (not as deeply as I would like) into mythology!  I look forward to allowing my student to explore myths and legends of several regions around the world. I found a lot of awesome myths online, but I am starting with a myth that I know very well! They myth of Paul Bunyan  and Babe the Big Blue Ox!  Legend states he's from Minnesota, and I am excited!  :)

The kiddos will be exploring several different myths and presenting their findings and opinions to the class.  They will have to analyze the purpose, format, settings, and figurative language of the myths they are assigned.  I plan to assign myths according to reading ability.   A little differentiation never hurt! ;)

Then, they will create their very own myths.  They will need to take what they learn from the myths presented to them and come up with their very own myth with it's own purpose! In addition, my higher kiddos will have to present their myths to the class using Google Presentations while other students will be creating a poster for their myth!

I am excited to see some creativity come alive.  I have a lot of artists , and I love to have things to put on the walls of my room! I am not creative, at all, so it is always fun having things to decorate with!

I am excited to get back to Arizona (all 1700 miles from MN) and get back to a routine!

I am a runner and I need my morning runs in 40 degree weather versus the 5 degree weather here!

Please and Thank You

I know I will regret saying I am excited to go back to work in about 3 days, but hey, I am excited now!

Hopefully you all had a wonderful "Winter Holiday" (being politically correct here!)

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  1. I was just thinking we should have taken a trip to Winona...poo! And you don't have to b politically correct on your blog! lol...I will miss you but get your passion to get back at it!


The Beautiful Winona State University

The Beautiful Winona State University
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